MASA Academy

Monrovia High School’s Math and Science Academy (MASA) serves students who are interested in pursuing math and science careers at Monrovia High School in Monrovia, California.  More than 10% of the MHS Student Body is part of MASA.

The program includes a wide array of opportunities for students:

  • Advance Placement classes
  • Math and science clubs and competitions
  • Professional seminars and speakers
  • A junior-year research project
  • Field trips that give students hands-on experience in math, science, engineering, and technology


Admission to the MHS Math & Science Academy is contingent upon students completing an application (due date is printed on the application) and meeting the prerequisites.   Applications must be accompanied by a current student transcript.

All applicants MUST complete a math skills test. Please see your current math teacher for information if you are at Clifton or Santa Fe Middle Schools. If you are at another school, please contact Mrs. Ford for more information.

Because of limited space, we may not be able to accept all applicants. Applicants who are not accepted will be placed on a waiting list.

We support Monrovia High School's Math and Science Academy, engaging over 300 kids in STEM classes, projects, clubs, and junior projects.